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ENAIRE is the public manager of air traffic services in Spain

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    Aena, through Air Navigation Headquarters, is the main air traffic services provider in Spain. Its main goal is to offer maximum safety, quality and efficiency in the development and operation of the Spanish air navigation system. Also, as the fourth largest provider of air navigation services in Europe, it plays a leading, active role in all European Union projects relating to the introduction of the Single European Sky.


    The functions of Air Navigation are:

    • The planning, management, coordination, operating, preservation and administration of air traffic, telecommunications services and aeronautical information as well as infrastructures, facilities and communications networks for the air navigation system. All of this with the aim of ensuring aircraft moving around Spanish airspace obtain the utmost security, fluidity, efficiency and punctuality.
    • The preparation and approval of various types of project, as well as the implementation and management of investment control.
    • The evaluation of the needs and proposals for new infrastructures, as well as possible modifications to airspace planning.
    • Participation in specific aeronautical training and subject to the awarding of official licences.

    These services are provided from the five Air Navigation Regional Directorates: Centro Norte, Este, Canaria, Sur and Baleares, with headquarters located respectively in the Air Traffic Control Centres of Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Gran Canaria, and the terminal area control centre of Palma de Mallorca.


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