Checked-in luggage 

Items and products that may not be transported in the cargo holds.

Security: Checked Baggage

The following items are not allowed in the cargo hold:

  • Explosives (including detonators, fuses, grenades, mines or explosives)
  • Gases (including propane and butane).
  • Inflammable liquids (including gasoline and methanol).
  • Inflammable solids and reactive substances (including magnesium, matches and cigarette lighters, fireworks and flares)
  • Oxidants and organic peroxides (including bleach and bodywork repair kits).
  • Toxic or infectious substances (including rat poison or infected blood).
  • Radioactive material (including isotopes for medical or commercial use).
  • Corrosive substances (including mercury and automobile batteries).
  • Parts for automobile fuel circuits that have contained fuel.

Complementary measures

The appropriate authority may prohibit other additional articles. Said authority will make a reasonable effort to notify passengers of the prohibition of these articles.

Security personnel may deny transport of baggage containing any suspicious articles not mentioned above in the cargo hold.

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