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Aena, Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation), public business organisation of the Ministry of Public Works, provides a practical and accessible communications channel for all its users. Its intention is to break down barriers and improve access to its web site on the Internet according to the criteria of maximum simplicity, scope and efficiency, so that it can disseminate information and the services it offers to any person who wants to consult them.


This action conforms with the resolution of the Council of the European Union dated 25 March 2002, on the eEurope 2002 Action Plan, "Accessibility of public web sites and their content", complies with the dispositions of the Law of Services of the Information Society and of Electronic Business dated 11 July 2002 and follows the indications of the "Guía para la edición y publicación de las páginas web de la Administración General del Estado" (Guide for writing and publication of web pages of the General State Administration).

WAI Guidelines

WAI-AA accessibility certification

The content of the Aena website has been validated with certification Double A, in accordance with the recommendations given in UNE Regulation 13980:2004 and by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), the international working group belonging to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), that aims to ensure that no group experiences discrimination of any kind which could lead to social exclusion in the virtual world.

In this sense, the techniques used in the Aena portal follow those recommended by the WAI, regarding both XHML and CSS.

Hyper Text Markup Language Cascading Style Sheets


Aena, in order to facilitate navigation on its web site has used keyboard shortcuts, accesskeys, with the aim of simplifying navigation by allowing the user to follow links without needing to use the mouse, using the keys appropriate to the navigator that they are using.

  • Internet Explorer PC: ALT + shortcut + ENTER
  • Mozilla, Netscape PC: ALT + shortcut
  • FireFox PC: ALT + SHIFT + shortcut
  • Opera PC: SHIFT + ESC + shortcut
  • Safari Mac: CONTROL + shortcut

And the reference number of the shortcut to the content as indicated below:

  1. 1 Home page
  2. 2 About us
  3. 3 We are safe
  4. 4 Safety Culture
  5. 5 News
  6. 6 Monographs
  7. 7 Library
  8. 8 Participate
  9. 9 Multimedia
  10. 10 Links


We are currently working to improve accessibility on all of the pages of our site. If you find any problem, don't be shy and contact us using the email address: