Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to the most common queries on the New Terminal Building.

Parking Top

Where can I park my car?

The new car park building, directly connected via an airbridge with the Terminal, has 2,700 places for private use and 1,500 places for rent a car.

Boarding Top

How do I find my boarding gate number?

Your ticket should show the gate number where you will board, but if not, you can consult the passenger information monitors to be found throughout the boarding zone.

Where are the boarding gates?

The New Terminal Building's 26 boarding gates are located in two areas: the processor and the dock. Both areas receive flights EU Schengen, while traffic from the non-Schengen EU and non-Schengen non-EU areas goes to the dock only.

Luggage Top

Is there a left luggage service?

The airport does not have a left-luggage office.

Which check-in desks are for special baggage?

There are two desks for special baggage, with the numbers E01 and E02, located behind the front line of desks.

Where can I claim for lost luggage?

At the airlines' lost luggage offices, in the baggage reclaim zone.

Check-in Top

Where are the automatic check-in machines?

There are 6 automatic check-in machines, with code-shcaring that can serve any company that requests it, that are located on the side of the second and the third check-in desks islands.

Where are the check-in desks?

The 96 check-in desks, distributed in 5 islands, are on floor P2, accessed through Departures.

People with Reduced Mobility Top

Will there be specific services in the new terminal for people with reduced mobility?

People with reduced mobility may request personalised assistance via the Aena Aeropuertos website (, or the Aena information helpline (telephone 902 404 704).

Additionally, there are information desks and meeting points in the terminal building in all the different zones. Assistance may be requested at these points via a communicator by pressing the button on the panel.

VIP Lounge Top

Where is the VIP lounge located?

The Ifach VIP lounge is in the departures area, on floor P3, above the check-in area.

Transport and access Top

How can I reach the new terminal building?

Private vehicles are not allowed access to the terminal. If you arrive in your own vehicle, you will have to get to the terminal from the car park building, through an airbridge to floor P1, connecting to the arrivals area (floor P0) and the departures area (floor P2). You can also go directly to the departure hall, but in this case can only stop 5 minutes.

The departures roadway has a taxi rank for passengers arriving at the airport and a bus stop (routes C6 Alicante-airport, 1A Elche-airport, 1B Elche-airport-Arenales del Sol, Murcia-airport and Benidorm-airport) for users arriving and departing. The arrivals roadway also has a taxi rank for passengers leaving the airport.

Flights Top

Where can I get information on scheduled flights?

At the airlines, on Aena Aeropuertos' website (, by calling Aena Aeropuertos' information service and helpline (902 404 704), or on the information screens installed throughout the whole of the terminal.

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