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Check which terminal your flight departs from, as well as at what desks you can check you luggage in.

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Find out which terminal your flight will arrive at and what from what hall you can collect your luggage.

Tax refunds

Three invoice endorsement offices so you can request VAT refunds on your purchases.

Left-luggage office

Leave your luggage in our fully secure left-luggage facilities located in T1 and T4.

Interactive noise map (The WebTrak system)

Flight path and noise levels of planes taking off from or landing at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas.

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Procedure for the VAT refund

Weather: Partly cloudy 27 °C / 17 °C

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Telephone support: 902 404 704 / (+34) 91 321 10 00 Persons with impaired hearing

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