Aena commitment

Social Commitment 

The value of solidarity and social commitment.

Aena's social commitment

Aena is committed to values such as coexistence, integration, culture, knowledge and protecting the environment, and we support projects promoting or publicising these values.

Aena collaborates with institutions and develops social initiatives designed to promote culture, international aid and environmental awareness. To do this, Aena commits to contributing to social, cultural and educational development with projects of different types in collaboration with various institutions, contributing to meeting the basic needs of the least privileged groups.

Aena, as a member of the Empresa y Sociedad Foundation, whose mission it is to promote social action as part of company strategy, makes the following commitments:

  • Improving its social action strategy and practices.
  • Communicating its social actions appropriately and supporting the institutional activities of the Foundation to promote social action in the business sector.

Aena manifests its social commitment in different ways:

Quality of service:

  • Aena voluntary adheres to RD 951/2005 on the improvement of quality in the State Administration, and has published Charters for their services to Air Navigation, airport passengers and airlines.

Customer information and assistance system (Aena call centre):

  • All Aena management involved in providing information to the public is co-ordinated internally via the H24 Network Management Centre, so that it can share the information available in the system. In this way, consistent and current information can be provided through all the channels available to passengers (Aena call centre, public website, press releases, etc.).
  • The Aena Telephone Information and Assistance Service is intended to respond to requests for information from Aena's internal clients (Aena personnel) and external customers (passengers, airlines, etc.).

Improving the provision of information to the public:

  • In the main airports a public information service is provided, called “green jackets”, with personnel providing information of various kinds about the airport, overflights, passenger rights, complaints and suggestions, among other things.
  • Aena is now developing a new passenger assistance service called “Virtual flight attendants”. This new project gives passengers information through screens distributed throughout the airport.

Treatment of claims, complaints and suggestions:

  • In 2012, Aena managed a total of 47,929 complaints:
    • 6,734 complaints relating to airports (29.9% of which related to security services, and 11.3% to information systems).
    • Also, although not part of Aena's remit, another 41,195 complaints were handled which concerned Transport Contracts (34,734) or Handling (3,639).
  • In order to apply Act 11/2007, of 22 June, on electronic access by the public to Public Services, in December 2009 a new mechanism for receiving and handling complaints and suggestions (RQS) through eGovernment was implemented. Members of the public can use this to obtain information on the procedures to follow, download forms, make their complaints and suggestions electronically or consult their status.
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