Aena commitment

List of services 

The services which Aena provides and its commitments to airlines, passengers and Air Navigation customers.

Charters of services to customers and users

At Aena, one of our most essential values is good customer and user service. For the services we offer to work as well as possible, Aena has passenger, airline and Air Navigation customer service charters.

In the sphere of airports, the charters for services to passengers and airlines list the services offered in the network's airports, the commitments undertaken by Aena and their quality indicators. These charters list the different forms of participation, using complaints and suggestions, used by Aena to improve how it provides services. Aena regularly monitors the indicators they include, analysing their evolution and making improvements where applicable, as deviations from the expected results are detected.

The goal of the Air Navigation Headquarters is to improve the quality of the services it offers its customers every day and it has undertaken to publish and promote the Air Navigation Services Charter drawn up and approved in 2005 and updated in 2008.