About Aena

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Aena works efficiently and professionally on the sky and the ground.

Institutional video 2010

Between the sky and the ground is the universe where Aena performs its activity. Aena is the world's leading airport operator. In the sky, Aena controls and co-ordinates Spanish airspace using the most advanced technology. On the ground, it builds and manages its airports, equipping them with modern facilities, always guaranteeing the maximum safety and security standards.

Sky and ground, two spaces where Aena works efficiently and professionally. A whole world through which millions of passengers move each year. Thinking of them, Aena creates spaces devised to facilitate their time at the airport, with functional settings, leisure areas and an extensive range of shopping facilities.

Aena's airports are the first and last image of Spain for millions of people who visit our country every year. They are an essential part of Spanish tourism development, enabling air transport to reach all places where it is necessary. Aena offers you all resources to make your trip a reality.